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Help Us Provide a Future for Every Horse

When the hopes and dreams of owners and trainers of prospective thoroughbred racehorses get dashed, Second Stride is here. We believe that whether the retirement is due to lack of ability, injury or it's just time to quit...there is a future for that horse.

The Thoroughbred is a versatile breed with a strong work ethic. Second Stride was born from a fierce passion, for not only the racing industry so strong in Kentucky and elsewhere, but also for the horses involved. Partnering that passion with the desire to make a difference in the aftercare of these incredible animals, our journey began. Since 2012, we have transitioned hundreds of horses into new and successful careers.

Housing, food, medical, maintenance and training costs average $1,500 a month per horse and typically less than half of that is covered by adoption fees. We rely heavily on donations of any amount from generous supporters to continue this program. Every dollar donated goes directly to the care and training of these magnificent animals who do so much for us.